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    Kubota Sprayed with Line-X

    Jeep Rubicon

    Check out this little beauty! Line-X in the bed of this Jeep Rubicon.

    Humvee before and after

    Check out a stripped down Humvee that we sprayed with Line-X.

    Line-X Doosan Forklifts

    Here we took a couple of brand new Doosan
    Forklifts and Line-X'd just about everything.
    These are going to be used on the coast of Maine loading and unloading fishing equipment, etc.


    On this application we color matched in white a Nissan Frontier. We sprayed the entire outside of the truck bed, the rocker sills, over the wheel wells, and the front bumper.


    Check out our color-match capability with a Premium UV top coat.
    We can color match any paint code. Don't limit yourself to just a bedliner.....
    Did you know Line-X loves wood? I had our Line-X guys encapsulate pine boards for new front stair trends. It's been a year and I wish I'd done it sooner!!!


    Here we Line-X'd the inside of a seafood delivery truck.

    We also Line-X'd the outside of a dump body and an Omaha Badger body and Venturo crane.


    Here we Line-X'd an entire Dodge pick-up for a guy that likes to go off-roading.


    Here we Line-X'd a bumper.
    We also did a Premium Liner with color match to match the color of the truck.


    Here are pictures of prepping for Line-X of rocker sills and a few inches up on the body.
    Here are also a couple of pictures of rocker sills on a white pick up. A wheel well that has been Line-X'd, as well as, a plastic lawn chair that we Line-X'd for display.


    Here we Line-X'd the inside of a service body (floor and sides)
    We also Line-X'd the tops of the service body compartments.